The Death of Mr. William H. Grundy

William Grundy was born on December 12th 1836. He was the third child of Edmund Grundy and Rebecca Hulme Grundy. His father was from England and arrived in Philadelphia in 1821. His mother Rebecca was part of the Hulme family, from Hulmeville.

October 31st found William returning home to Bristol in the evening, after attending a meeting at the Manufacturer’s Club in Philadelphia. He was taken ill around 9:00pm or 10:00pm and was moved upstairs of his house. A doctor was sent for, and William seemed to briefly recover. He was then “seized with another attack” and died. His death was attributed to “apoplexy”(most likely a stroke).

Grundy family collections include William H. Grundy’s clothing, personal items, and ephemera such as this memorial book given to the family by the Manufacturers Club of Philadelphia.

An incorrect date of November 1st was printed on this memorial booklet.