The Grundy Museum invites people of all ages to discover the story of the Grundy family during Bristol Borough’s industrial heyday when they resided in their late Victorian Era home along the banks of the Delaware River. 

Tours and programs at Grundy draw upon the family’s passion for business, education, civic duty, and its fascination of history, the arts, and gardening and the natural world.  

By preserving and interpreting this unique resource, the Grundy Museum strives to enrich and strengthen its community.


The Grundy Foundation, created in 1961 by the Last Will and Testament of Senator Joseph R. Grundy, maintains and operates the Senator’s familial home as a late Victorian-era museum; maintains and operates a community library; and, makes charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations, with a particular interest to those in Bristol Borough. Senator Grundy, a philanthropist with a solid commitment to his hometown, wanted to preserve the history and ensure the ongoing well-being of the residents of Bristol Borough and its surroundings in Bucks County.

The Museum and the Library, each named in honor of the Senator’s sister, Margaret, operate in support of the Grundys’ values: love of their hometown, civic participation, devotion to family, respect for hard work, and commitment to education.

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