Museum Bedwarmer

A bed warmer was found in the Grundy Museum attic, under a floorboard in December 2019.  It consists of two parts, a metal pan with a hinged lid and a wooden handle. The lid is pierced and has a decorative etching. Unfortunately, the decoration has worn down with use and age .

A bed warmer was a household accessory that was used to warm beds and sheets before the family went to bed. This action would be performed by the household servants in wealthier homes. Hot coals were placed into the pan of the bed warmer. It was then passed quickly about between the sheets, to avoid “scorching the linens”.

Queen Victoria was given a bed warmer as a gift after her marriage to Prince Albert. It was especially made for the royal couple, complete with the royal coat of arms.

Grundy Museum Collections

House & Garden  Volume XXXIV No. Six, December 1918. 

Bedwarmer on display during Victorian Holiday House 2023.