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The Gardens


The rooftop gardens are closed due to construction.

The River Park remains open for the season.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Margaret's Garden  (currently under construction)Hours

The lovely street-level garden between the Grundy Museum and Library was a representation of the family's garden at Walnut Grove Farm that was once located nearby on the Neshaminy Creek. Margaret Grundy was a passionate gardener. She kept a botany journal and was intimately involved in the planning, planting, and oversight of the gardens at Walnut Grove, the family's country estate. Features of the Walnut Grove Farm garden in this representation included a symmetrical plan with boxwood-edged parterre beds, gravel pathways, a pergola adorned with wisteria, and a privet hedge. Through the framework of the pergola, passersby could view the scenic Delaware River and one of the two-century-old Sycamore trees that were planted on its riverbank.  The Garden is currently under construction. Design plans include many of the features from Walnut Grove. 




Rooftop Terrace and River Park (Rooftop Terrace is currently under construction)

Visitors are encouraged to relax and enjoy the panoramic river views from our rooftop terrace or river park. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner, sit back, and take it easy. If the timing is right, you may catch a glimpse of the pair of bald eagles that have been delighting observers as they soar over Burlington Island or hunt for food in the Delaware River.


Winter Hours - 3rd Sunday in October to 
Friday before Memorial Day

Monday - Thursday, 8am to dusk
Friday - Saturday, 8am to 4pm
Sunday, Closed


Summer Hours - Memorial Day Weekend to

Historic Bristol Day (3rd Saturday in October)

Monday - Wednesday, 8am to 7pm

Thursday and Friday, 8am to 4pm 

Saturday, 8am to 7:30pm     

Sunday and Holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day), 12pm to 7:30pm



Gardens at Walnut Grove Farm

The gardens at Walnut Grove Farm owe their beginnings to Margaret's grandmother, Rebecca Grundy. Rebecca was the mistress of the house and she enjoyed these gardens well into her nineties. Her interest in horticulture was shared with her granddaughter who also was passionate about the gardens.

At Walnut Grove Farm, a Prunis padus [European bird cherry] was planted on the lawn at the farm from the time that Rebecca and her husband Edmund took up residence there. It is said to have bloomed each year about the sixteenth of May for Rebecca's birthday.  

A news clipping dated July 10, 1917 was found among the Grundy family papers. Penned by "The Rambler," the article provides some insight on the gardens that Margaret tended at Walnut Grove:




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